Under Kagame’s heel: Is Rwanda going up or coming down?

Three weeks to the presidential election. I am yet to know what our candidates have to offer, have not seen any of their manifestos and the remaining newspapers in Kigali have not been helpful either. Are we to believe that this is not just a case of wasting money and resources. We all know who is winning anyway so why make a mockery of democracy?

The Standard in Kenya gives a good look at events in Rwanda in this well written piece that I strongly recommend as being worth a read.

In truth, Kagame is liked and loathed in equal measure. To his detractors, the army general is heavy handed and capricious. To his followers, he is the knight in shining armour who came to rescue the women and children from the jaws of blood-thirsty gangs. Nevertheless a crushing siege mentality pervades the Rwandan society.


Author: ellyakanga

I am Eleneus Akanga. Welcome to my blog about my experience as a Rwandan journalist and all that comes with the trade in East Africa. It's been a great journey so far but very challenging at times. Join me, let's get cracking! ellyakanga@usa.com

13 thoughts on “Under Kagame’s heel: Is Rwanda going up or coming down?”

  1. Akanga, i have time and again told you to shun your laziness and try to write your own pieces if you want to justify yourself for the assylum you were accorded for being a ‘fire-brand’ ‘journalist who was dismissed at the new times for writing about attacks on journalists’ and ‘Editor of a banned weekly’ we have not seen you write anything but reproduce and profile other people’s writings on your blogs.

    (“Three weeks to the presidential election. I am yet to know what our candidates have to offer, have not seen any of their manifestos and the remaining newspapers in Kigali have not been helpful either. Are we to believe that this is not just a case of wasting money and resources. We all know who is winning anyway so why make a mockery of democracy?” ……)I will answer the only material that is a product of your lazy brain here:
    If you are Rwandese, you would know better. The suspended papers would would not have told you anything about the elections, manifestos and campaigns either – they would only have told you what you want to hear – that there is no opposition, that kagame is hitler, that tutsis caused genocide, that ingabire never bankrolled FDLR, that Rwanda is about to experience another genocide (here i know you would jubilate)..etc Why is it that you know who is winning anyway? its because you know Kagame cant be challeneged unless the opponent flashes the “I am Hutu identity card” and wave the “dont vote for tutsi coackroach” slogan. Now that there nobody like that, he will receive overwhelming support from everyone because of what he has done for all Rwandans without discrimination.

  2. As one of the detractors to General Kagame, to me he is not simply “heavy handed and capricious.” His forces have killed more than 7 million unarmed civilians in Rwanda and neighboring Congo. That makes him a mass murderer and a war criminal. Not just “heavy handed and capricious.” A judge in Spain issued arrest warrants against 40 top officers in Kagame’s army in 2008 for war crimes and crimes against humanity. He did not issue on eagainst Kagame himself simply because he currently enjoys presidential immunity. But sooner or later his crimes will be judged in a court of law, even if post-posthumously. Millions of innocent civilians will not be forgotten just like that.

    1. Aimable the ‘writer’ i think you are nuts. You keep recycling the same rhetoric over and over again. Cant you come up with something else other thaN THE 7 MILLION IN CONGO, HUMAN RIGHTS, WARRANTS…” i think you are one of the dogs that bark when the train is passing. By the way, Kagame is in Spain right now for the MDG meeting? please inform the judges. For your information, the fact that Rose Kabuye was acquitted means that even all the other indictment don’t stand. so please come up with another story because you are getting irritating

      1. The Vice President of the Rwanda Green Party was just assassinated in Rwanda. But some people like Gigi continue to blindly attack anyone who dares question the murderous regime in power in Rwanda. Gigi, you can get irritated all you want, but as long as the mass murderers are in power in Rwanda, I will speak out. I am sure there must be some Rwandans with clean hands who can rule the country. The country cannot keep changing hands from one group of extremists to another group extremists. We have had enough of murderers and want peaceful people to lead the nation. Not warriors.

      2. Gigi, you were right. General Kagame was in Spain and the Spanish Prime Minister refused to meet with him because Spanish NGOs and political parties protested against meeting such a mass murderer. Looks like it is the beginning of the international community to shun this war criminal!

      3. Very true Aimable. How fitting to Gigi that after going on about Kagame’s presence in Spain, Zapatero chooses to snub him. What is it you are going to say now Gigi? That at least he made it to Spain? The next time you chose to post sly comments on something, think about the posibility of having to chew your own cud. Do you ever wonder why of the millions in Rwanda, you are the only one who keeps poking your head up defending the indefensible. A case of being so naive and blind support, me thinks?

  3. @Gigi or whatever your name is, we both know I am far too smart for you lot. I have managed to raise a respectable reading audience that knows what I stand for. These are men and women across the world who unlike you have brains, and use their brains to reason. So, lazy or not, they will continue to read my work, share their opinions with me, in the knowledge that there is something we can learn from each other. I would rather have a lazy Akanga that writes sense than a standard hard working political utensil like Gigi, whose survival, depends on how many vile comments he makes on pages of those regarded by his employers, as enemies of Rwanda.

    Is it not stupid of you to assert that I would jubilate if my country was to experience another genocide? Are you being serious? Who apart from blood hungry monsters, would jubilate at the sight of his fellow countrymen falling at the hands of merciless killers? The fact that I have stood my ground to oppose oppression and the dictatorship being peddled by those you sheepishly support and desist from criticizing should have alerted you about my true self. Unfortunately you are too “hard working” to realise this Gigi.

    Are you genuinely sure that all I want to know about Rwanda is whether Kagame is Hitler? And even if he were, does that change the status quo? Get serious, my readers as well as me would have loved for you Gigi, to come out with a link or evidence to show what our candidates intend to do for our country? Does it not surprise you that a few days to election day, we are yet to hear these candidates campaign or speak to tell us what is it they intend to deliver for Rwanda?

    And this “I am Hutu identity card” nonsense you are alluding to, why should it bother you that someone is saying he is Hutu, if indeed they are? This is the problem, identity is part of life and Rwanda’s problem or Kagame’s mistake was to assume that by demanding that everyone knows themselves as Rwandans, magically, the HUTU TUTSI identity would seize to exist. We both know this is a smoke screen. If Rwandans are free and feel liberated, they would shun this talk and vote for progress without needing reminders from the Gigis. So, dont even start.

    Rwanda would do with you getting some grip.

    1. (I have managed to raise a respectable reading audience that knows what I stand for) – There is no doubt you are smart, Akanga, for you to make people read stuff lifted from other sources and not your own and then claim you “have managed to raise a respectable reading ‘audience’…shouldn’t you be talking of a forum even if this isn’t a forum at all?

      Akanga, i have no problem with anyone saying they are hutu or tutsi, kagame said this during a press conference. The problem is trying to use it to harm other people or to gain unfair advantage. Since this has been inculvcated in people’s minds for a whole four decades, you cannot assume it will just go like that. this would be being complacent and it would be detrimental. Ingabire would like to tell the electorate that they should elect her because she is hutu, and the tutsis are enemies. She had never disputed any kagame policy at all. to her, kagame is bad for president only because he is tutsi – period. So, whether ‘free’ or liberated’, we are not ready to start seeing our ethnicity as merely that. so Akanga, please accept that we know better

      1. Gigi, I would love it if you desisted from making false claims to bark your shallow reasoning. If you say Victoire Ingabire thinks Kagame is a bad president, be responsible enough to quote her saying so. Victoire is not the local guy you keep under a gag. She is on record to have stood her ground, despite harrasment and intimidation from the likes of you to argue and state what she truly believes in. So dont just allege, bring the evidence or at least point readers to any link where she is quoted saying so.

        And by the way does it not strike you as odd that you can not say anything without linking it to Kagame? (Akanga, i have no problem with anyone saying they are hutu or tutsi, kagame said this during a press conference). So, does it mean if Kagame had not said this in a press conference, you would have problems with it? Really? Sycophancy is a bad norm.

  4. Thanks Aimable for pointing this out. I am sure Kagame, like everyone else knows he is a war criminal, only he wont admit it. His case is well documented and it wont be long till the long arm of justice catches up with him. He may still enjoy his immunity as a serving head of state but surely time will come. No wonder he is looking increasingly desperate.

  5. Rogue judges, dimwitted self-styled ‘journalists’, the genocidaires, the disgruntled rwandan officials whose fingers were burnt trying to dip them in state coffers, etc are the one that think like you. He stopped a genocide. If in the process some genocidaires got killed, then why lay any blame on anyone?

    PS: Now this is where Gigi makes a complete fool of himself. His argument is that people should never be blamed for causing death or injury to others. It is the mantra that those of his flock subscribe to. No wonder they continue to kill innocent civilians for the sake of maintaining power. I would be ashamed if I were you Gigi.

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