Rwanda diplomat on the run

Sunday Vision

Embattled Rwandan diplomat to India and renowned ex-army chief Lt. Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa has been sacked and reported to be “on the run” in Uganda, Rwanda News Agency reported on Friday.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has apparently also started behind-the-scenes manoeuvres to have him extradited to Rwanda to answer for yet unspecified charges, according to a government communique.

The diplomat was in Rwanda along with others last week for the annual retreat, but available information suggests that he did not return to his posting in India. Instead, he is said to be seeking asylum in Uganda.

General Kayumba, the first army chief after the genocide, has had a fair share of controversy. Local media reported that he was linked to the trouble-ridden Green Party — allegations that have kept haunting him.

Two weeks ago, a local tabloid, UMUSESO, reported that Gen. Kayumba was on very strange terms with the authorities to the extent that no government official or even fellow soldiers attended the funeral of his mother recently.

UPDF Spokesperson Lt. Col. Felix Kulayigye yesterday said he was not aware of the development. “I have not heard anything like that. You are giving me news,” he said on phone.

Uganda’s Ambassador to Rwanda, Richard Kabonero, yesterday confirmed the development, saying he had received information from the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Rwanda, telling him that Nyamwasa had travelled to Uganda. “We now have to verify this with the Government of Uganda,” he said on phone.

A Uganda government source, said they have received communication from their Rwandese counterparts, including a message from Uganda’s ambassador to Rwanda, alerting them that Lt. Gen. Kayumba was on the run and he is believed to be in Uganda.

This could not, however, be officially confirmed since the Foreign Affairs Minister and the State Minister for International Relations could not be accessed.

Security sources also confirmed having received alert messages from their counterpart in Rwanda, but they are yet to locate Kayumba’s whereabouts.


Author: ellyakanga

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