Reunions for David Beckham and Jose Mourinho in Champions League

Forget what anyone at Stamford Bridge tries to tell you about this draw. They won’t like it. Chelsea are probably better than Inter but this isn’t a straight contest between two football teams is it! If there’s one coach in Europe who can upset the apple cart at Chelsea and who has all the motivation in the world to do so it is Jose Mourinho.

Arsenal have been given a virtual bye but that won’t prevent Wenger from finding something to moan about.

Utd v AC Milan could go either way but any United fan with sense will be praying that David Beckham is in the opposition line-up. Any club that still regards Beckham as a first choice performer is there for the taking.

And i dont!

My friend Mansur Kakimba will be laughing this one out but only time, and i say time, will tell.

Champions League last 16 draw


Lyons v Real Madrid


Olympiakos v Bordeaux


CSKA Moscow v Sevilla

Stuttgart v Barcelona

Bayern Munich v Fiorentina

The first-legs ties will be played on February 16-17 and 23-24 with the second-leg ties on March 9-10 and 16-17.


Author: ellyakanga

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