In Britain, MPs only eat, they never pay

5 days to Christmas and counting. Yes, but if you thought your lanky, pot-bellied or fat Member of Parliament who spent thousands of your hard earned money on duck houses, fancy printers and tv sets, luxury trips and rent for his concubines, girfriends or even daughters, was about to pay back, you are mistaken.

You see, the trouble is, the same thieves who have stolen form our tax pot are the same people who make laws that determine how much or to put it bluntly – whether they are meant to refund anyway. Funny, isnt it?

And trust me a thief is the only person you would expect to give back given an option of keeping for good. You wanna know why? Yes, because he is a thief!

Eighty MPs have joined in a mass revolt against the findings of the expenses adjudicator Sir Thomas Legg.

Fully 40 per cent of the 200 MPs deemed by Sir Thomas to have overclaimed on their second home expenses have joined the revolt, and are appealing to the final arbiter Sir Paul Kennedy, a retired Appeal Court judge.

The scale of the rebellion is astonishing, given the public outrage at the general expenses behaviour of MPs.

Many genuinely feel they have been dealt with over-severely by Sir Thomas, and are determined to try to save themselves money with one final appeal. Most will pay up at that stage, with the overall bill running into hudnreds of thousands.

Sir Paul will spend his Christmas looking at each case one by one, and will rule in late January. His judgment will be final and no further appeal is possible. MPs will either have to pay up or have the money deducted – against their will – from their salaries.

Bernard Jenkin, the Tory MP who faces the biggest bill so far, is believed to be among the rebels after being asked to repay £63,250 that he claimed for rent on a property owned by his sister-in-law.

The MP for Essex North said: “I am lodging an appeal. There is no question being raised by Sir Thomas about my integrity and honesty. I will pay back whatever is finally decided.”

Frank Cook, the Labour MP for Stockton North, has also said that he is challenging a request for repayment of £600 that he claimed for a fridge.

The Labour MP Alan Simpson, who previously threatened legal action over the review’s demand that he repay £500 in cleaning charges, said that he had filed an “objection” but intended to leave it at that rather than lodge a formal appeal.

And if you still don’t get it, yes, here is the deal. Most MPs over the past 25 years or so were told that the additional expenses allowance was available in lieu of the substantial pay rise that Thatcher vetoed.The scrutiny was deliberately cursory to allow claims to be made up to the maximum.New MPs were told that this was in order and the word has been passed to successive intakes.

Whatever you think of most MPs they have been doing what they were advised to do. Why do you think that there has been virtually no scrutiny of claims. Few MPs will break cover to own up to the facts but many are hopping mad that what they did was in line with accepted practice.

Yes there may be some strange or suspicious transactions but what is the difference between someone taking out a huge mortgage at taxpayers expense or buying a 99inch TV at ditto it was all meant to be perks.

Not one MP or Peer has threatened legal action, taken legal action despite some protests, said they will be taking legal action,or be consulting their attorneys to clear their name. You still want to know why?

I say get me a bottle of Port and 2 bottles of Baileys and send the bill to Westminster. It is within the rules. And hey, dont forget a leather christmas card with these particular words – I am a British MP and i would like to wish the best of xmas to all you hopeful taxpayers. I eat and i never pay for i am smart. XXXXXXX


Author: ellyakanga

I am Eleneus Akanga. Welcome to my blog about my experience as a Rwandan journalist and all that comes with the trade in East Africa. It's been a great journey so far but very challenging at times. Join me, let's get cracking!

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