Israel Mafioso takes Britain dangerously close to extreme lack of transparency

Watching the latest edition of Dispatches on Channel 4 this week made me shriek. It is no longer what is right that really matters but who you are and how much money you are willing to sink into an establishment from which, you expect favours.

British support for Israel will forever be available as long as UK political parties exist and the struggle for power goes on. Yes, and this only spells disaster for the less connected species like of the world like Palestinians.

Lets face it, am no professor on Middle East politics nor am I a fellow on Israel foreign policy but at least I know something that you lots don’t know. I know for a fact that, today, thanks to such groups as Conservative and Labour Friends Of Israel (CFI), Jewish Leadership Council, The Zionist Federation and Board of Deputies of British Jews, British foreign policy is being dictated by Israel.

It is about power and money and where there is money, decisions are bound to go the “right way”. Growing up in Africa, (Rwanda) I was meant to believe that corruption, as well as nepotism were scandalous agents in a political test tube. Today, I know this was completely classroom stuff.

What the last episode of Dispatches set out to show the world was that whether those in power know the truth, it can always be subdued when political interest override morality. That’s why, even the sensible the reasonable and understanding will stutter when the person with power flexes and pulls the right string.

So today, we know that over 8 years, the Conservative Party, which is likely to be the party in power come next year, has received £10 million from CFI. Conservative party leaders have been forced—or should we use coerced—into changing statements or risk losing financial support and the results are showing. We also know for fact that media organisations, which had hitherto to prized themselves on objective reporting, are suddenly changing and bowing to intimidation, pressure and financial threats. The future looks bleak and unless something is done now, those with no lobbyists to push them through and no connections stand to lose everything they have stood for and worked on for life.

But how and why should Israel, a state big enough to sustain itself rely so heavily on lobbying? Unless you were in the wrong, why would you flex so much muscle to win over hearts of so many when you are very well aware that your actions are legitimate and clean?

“If I become Prime Minister, Israel has a friend that will never turn his back on Israel”, a beaming David Cameron noted at a dinner a couple of months ago.

He seemed keen to please each one of those listening in and his words, are understood to have been carefully chosen, especially now that we know he never said anything about Gaza and the Israel military attacks there even when the smoke was still bellowing out of smouldered buildings.

You have to wonder why Israel always gets things her own way. Why some countries bomb other countries, destroy their infrastructure, kill innocent civilians during the course of attacks and yet don’t seem to get the kind of condemnation that the others get. In the corporate world they call it PR, in politics, they call it political lobbying. Political lobbying because it cant simply be referred to as just lobbying for then, even the cry of the little Palestinian children should have been heard at least by Mark Thompson, Director General of the BBC who cowardly refused to sanction the broadcast of a DEC ad calling for help for Gaza.

When you have a campaign to run and so many people conditioning their support to your campaign on your assurance to protect that, which they regard as sanctimonious, then you have limited choices as a politician and less if you are a deft one. What our MPs are doing is sell out the freedoms of those they claim to stand for. Those oppressed members of society like you and me, him and her or those living in abject poverty and distress orchestrated by a vicious desire to occupy and settle on illegal land.

3 years ago, Israel forces invaded Lebanon for attacks on Northern Israel. More than 1000 Lebanese lost their lives and 2 Israel soldiers killed while another 2 were hijacked. Early this year, alleging continued rocket attacks from positions in Gaza, Israel waged a full-scale attack leading to the death of over 1000 Palestinians and too much economic damage in infrastructure.

You would have expected at least most people watching the broadcasts from Gaza to agree first time that the force used was disproportionate. No way. Shadow Foreign Secretary, William Hague tried referring to the force used by Israel forces as disproportionate and it cost him financially and socially. Besides losing out on support from CFI, he got a stunning reminder from Tory peer Lord Kalms who wrote:

“Think again. William, for whom do you speak…your comments are not merely unhelpful; they are downright dangerous”.

And then, David Cameron backed off. He, according to Dispatches is said to have okayed Hague to change a statement to the UN as they prepared to vote on a reolution criticizing both Hamas and Israel for human rights abuses in Gaza to this, “unless the draft resolution is redrafted to reflect the role that Hamas played in starting the conflict, we would recommend that the British government vote to reject the resolution”. October 16th 2009 signed by Hague.

So, is Israel censoring British politicians, or has the world become too materialistic that votes and financial support for elections and campaigns are now more important than lives? And if the same thing that is happening here was to happen anywhere in the world, should we expect to see the British government let the events of the day decide the case or move in to condemn political lobbying?

To be continued….


Author: ellyakanga

I am Eleneus Akanga. Welcome to my blog about my experience as a Rwandan journalist and all that comes with the trade in East Africa. It's been a great journey so far but very challenging at times. Join me, let's get cracking!

2 thoughts on “Israel Mafioso takes Britain dangerously close to extreme lack of transparency”

  1. Excellent analysis and my hats go off for you, Elly Akanga, Peter Osborne and the brave people in channel 4 for showing and reporting something that not many people would dare to speak out. Although illegal corruption may not have been exposed directly what is shown here are hook winked politics and the essential cry for the need for transparecy and accoutability of transaction going back and fro from lobby groups to political parties. I look forward to your continued comment. Bravo Elly

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