France off the hook but how fair is modern football

Cheat Thiery Henry and co will be smiling after this one and for sure France can count themselves lucky. Senile Blatter cant think this one out nor will his Sargent in arms, Platini.

Fifa has ruled that the controversial World Cup qualifying match between Ireland and France will not be replayed, despite outrage over Thierry Henry’s handball.

Responding to demands made by the Football Association of Ireland (FAI) for the match to be restaged, football’s world governing body said that it was unable to sanction a replay, stating that under Law 5 of the Laws of the Game the decisions of the referee are final.

“Fifa has today replied to the request made by the Football Association of Ireland (FAI) to replay the 2010 Fifa World Cup South Africa play-off match held on November 18, 2009 between France and the Republic of Ireland in Paris,” a statement read.

“In the reply, Fifa states that the result of the match cannot be changed and the match cannot be replayed. As is clearly mentioned in the Laws of the Game, during matches, decisions are taken by the referee and these decisions are final”.

Last night, the French football authorities defied calls to replay the match, despite expressing regret at the controversial nature of their qualification for the World Cup. A senior official at the French federation confirmed they had not held discussions over a possible replay and were instead celebrating the goal that secured their place in the finals in South Africa next year.


Author: ellyakanga

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