In Africa, even “deniable operations” go wrong

British mercenary Simon Mann today vowed to testify in court against Sir Mark Thatcher and oil magnate Eli Calil, the two men he alleges were co-conspirators in the failed attempt to take over Equatorial Guinea in 2004.

Mann who many here believe was lucky to be released made clear he had no intention of drawing a line under the episode, and will be obliging to Scotland Yard’s decision should the cops insist on quizzing the conspirators.

He warned Thatcher and Calil, who deny any involvement in the plot, that he will repeat in a British court the allegations he has made to Metropolitan police detectives and in front of a judge in Equatorial Guinea.

The news is absolutely shocking for those involved and as The Daily Mails’s Andrew Malone pointed out in his piece Wednesday, 4 it could become very worrying for many Establishment figures – even likely to end careers.

His is yet another case of an attempted coup orchestrated by well known thugs who irrespective of rules governing sovereign states will stop at nothing as long as the right amount is on table. Which raises the question, who is a thug and when do political operations become illegal.

According to Andrew Malone, Mann a former SAS officer was member of the well known and legally registered KAS Enterprise- a private military company involved in “deniable operations” on behalf of governments.


simon mann from evening standard
Out but not keeping mumb



Mann’s freedom and his subsequent return to Britain has already sparked a media frenzy with many a publication vying for his interview. I don’t have the cash to compete for his word but i have a question; why should a company be legally allowed to champion deniable operations?


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